GenoGla main area of interest lies within the area of Biomedical Research and Technology around vitamin K dependent proteins, specifically GRP.

Our team has a long experience in the area of research concerning VKD proteins, in particular osteocalcin and matrix gla protein, and more recently was involved in the discovery of a new VKD protein, Gla Rich Protein (GRP), a potential new biomarker for diseases associated with abnormal calcification of tissues that do not normally calcify namely: early cardiac disease, vascular calcification, atherosclerosis, tumor calcification, osteoarthritis, and skin calcinosis (e.g. Dermatomiositis, Pseudoxanthoma elasticum (PXE), Scleroderma).



Ongoing research in collaboration with CCMAR- Functional Biochemistry and Proteomics and other institutions


Studies for the establishment of GRP as a biomarker for vascular calcification (in collaboration with (i) Nephrology Department; (ii) Cardiovascular Department, Faro Hospital, Portugal (iii).


Studies to unveil the function of GRP associated with several skin calcification related pathologies (PXE, scleroderma, dermatomyositis) (in collaboration with Department of Dermatology, Lisbon Central Hospital, Lisbon, Portugal).

  The application of proteomics to human articular cartilage: A new approach for the identification of osteoarthritis biomarkers (in collaboration with Faro Hospital, Orthopedics and Trauma department, Portugal)   Characterization of Gla-rich Protein (GRP) function in normal and pathological mineralization processes.  

Biochemical characterization of circulating GRP.


We are open and searching for other main research /collaboration partners that could give a positive and strong input to our research interests.




U. S. Patent 61/136.315 filled in 27 August 2008

PCT/PT2009000046, 27 August 2009, pending




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